Who wrote Luscinia and who will write it?

Up until this point, Luscinia has been written entirely by Rob Lachlan, while employed by Leiden University, the Netherlands, and now Duke University, USA.
Luscinia is provided as free/open source software (see license, below). This means two things in practice. One is that it is provided free of charge. But more fundamentally, it means that anyone can see the source, and change it, as long as they make those changes available to everyone else if they publicize their altered version of Luscinia (I reserve the right to decide what goes into the version distributed via the main website). I would love to have collaborators on this project, and I have endeavoured to make Luscinia as modular as possible, to facilitate the addition of new functions to the package. Contact me at rfl5 AT duke POINT edu, or check out the sourceforge page: ...
In addition I welcome suggestions for new features of Luscinia, or complaints about frustrations about how it works now. I cannot guarantee that your comments will be acted upon, but I will continue working to improve Luscinia.

Future ideas for Luscinia (incomplete)

1) Incorporate a proper sound editor so Luscinia can be a 'one-stop' shop for sound analysis
2) Add searching to the database views to properly take advantage of database technology
3) Be able to view details of songs/individuals by clicking on them (rather than opening a separate window)
4) Add measures taken directly from the waveform (more accurate temporal measures/overall amplitude measures)
5) More work needs to be done on fundamental frequency extraction and especially automatic signal detection
6) Add more sound comparison algorithms (cross-correlation, linear-regression (SAP)).