The databases created by Luscinia require administration to control access and to badk them up. For networked databases, many of the necessary tools can be found in the MySQL Administrator tool. User-access to a database can be controlled within Luscinia using the + and - buttons next to the user field in the Log-In Window.

Databases should be backed-up regularly. Networked databases can be backed up using the tools provided by MySQL. Local databases are stored in folders on the hard disk. They can be copied as can any other folder. In addition, Luscinia provides a function to copy databases from one location to another, accessed by clicking the “copy” button in the Database window. This launches the following window:

Screen Shot 2011-12-18 at 1.57.58 PM

You can select to copy the database into a pre-existing database, by selecting one from the list. If you would like to copy the database to a new location (e.g. to back it up), click on the + button, and enter the details for a new database.

Having selected a destination database, click on Log In to log in to it, and finally click “OK”. Copying a large database can take at least several minutes.